The Sons of the Gestapo


The Sons of the Gestapo vs The Sons of the Abwehr

To understand who the Sons of the Gestapo are in current American history, it will be necessary to take a brief history lesson of both Nazi Germany and the international bankers who are behind the push for a world government under their control, i.e. The New World Order.

The Gestapo was Hitler's secret police, its mandate gave it complete power within the borders of Germany. We can compare it to the mandate given to the FBI when the FBI was first created. The FBI was not allowed to carry out operations outside the United States, that job fell to the CIA and other agencies. In Germany the Gestapo was like the FBI, and the Abwehr was like the CIA. The Abwehr was the intelligence gathering agency that operated on a world level. It was headed by Navy Admiral Wilhelm Canaris.
There was animosity and distrust between the Gestapo and the Abwehr. The Gestapo was loyal to Hitler, the Abwehr was behind the conspiracy to assassinate Hitler. The Gestapo followed their leader blindly. The Abwehr understood that Hitler would destroy Germany if they didn't destroy him first.
The Abwehr was made up of the nobility of Germany and Austria, who were steeped in the tradition of the German military as opposed to Hitler's SS and the Gestapo. The Abwehr wished Germany and Austria to regain the power and influence they had before the fall of the Austro-Hungarian empire, a fall that was the first step taken by the NWO in their attempt to create a world government. They knew Hitler was their enemy, and a conspiracy was put into action as far back as 1938 to assassinate him.

They placed a bomb beneath his desk. It exploded, but did not kill him.
After the attempt to assassinate Hitler failed, many of the Abwehr conspirators escaped Europe and eventually were brought to the United States. These men worked with the United States government to create both the CIA and Navy Intelligence as we know it today. The Abwehr men came into the United States before the end of WWII, therefore they had made inroads into the U.S. government long before the influx of German scientists and other high ranking German officers were brought into this
country. When the Gehlen group was brought over, many former Gestapo were part of it. Most of these men were given new identities, sometimes even new faces and fingerprints. By 1955, the United States military and intelligence services had become the new battle ground for the Gestapo and the Abwehr. The feud that had started in Germany was being carried on at a higher level within the U.S.. government and around the world.

The leaders of the Abwehr had discovered the reason that Churchill and Roosevelt would not help them assassinate Hitler. Briefly put, the three leaders along with Stalin, were controlled by the same international cabal. We now call this cabal the New World Order, and we know that it is made up of International Bankers and the corporations they control. This group gained its foothold in the United States in 1913 when it took over control of the United States currency by establishing the Federal Reserve Bank. They went on to finance the Russian revolution, WWI and WWII. All of these were necessary steps on the path to a one world government.

The NWO international bankers controlled Hitler. Hitler controlled the Gestapo. When the Gestapo came to the U.S.., they were controlled by the NWO through the various agencies and foundations that had been established by the NWO to carry out its plan.

The Abwehr arrived first, and they were instrumental in setting up the CIA. Even though it only operated under their control for the first few years, the Abwehr was able to put in place a covert arm of the CIA that has operated independently of the CIA ever since. These men and their physical and ideological descendants, are the sworn enemies of the NWO and their present-day Gestapo lackeys. They still operate out of the covert CIA and a secret Navy that exists within the Navy.

The Gestapo settled into various agencies, and at all levels of government. But their greatest concentration was in the FBI, Secret
Service and the BATF. People in the know in American government know that there has been a long battle between the CIA and the FBI. This battle goes all the way back to WWII and before. It is a battle between freedom and slavery. It is a battle for the domination of the planet. One group will impose slavery, the other group's agenda is opposed to slavery.

The Gestapo and the Sons of the Gestapo are now very entrenched in the American government. The three above named agencies (FBI, Secret Service, and BATF) are where most of them, but not all of them are hiding. Their allegiance is not the U.S.. government, but to their NWO masters; the international bankers and the United Nations. For more information on the NWO read Carroll Quigley's book, "Tragedy and Hope"; Rene Wormser's," Foundations, Their Power and Influence"; "The Creature from Jekyll Island", an expose of the Federal Reserve; and "The Secrets of the Temple" by Eustace Mullins. To understand the Abwehr and their place in history, read "The Canaris Conspiracy".

The NWO needs to bring about chaos in America so that it can impose martial law which will be enforced by United Nation troops. The bombing in Oklahoma City was the first step in creating this chaos. Many crucial records from Waco and Ruby Ridge were destroyed in the bombing, but also destroyed were the records of the Germans who were brought into this country after WWII. Their first home in America was in Oklahoma.

The Sons of the Gestapo who are now firmly entrenched in America government believe that they have finally won WWII. They have brought the U.S. to its knees and because of this they feel emboldened enough to proclaim to the world who they are. They know that the media is controlled by the NWO and that they will not be exposed for who they are. The media will point the finger for the recent train derailment at racist groups and the militia, and will further enflame the racial tension that is being created in the country as a result of the Simpson trial. Clinton will use this derailment as another reason to push through his terrorist bill. Like the bombing of the Reichstag, the bombing of OKC and now this derailment have been created by agents within government to bring about a desired result. The Sons of the Gestapo are truly the real sons of the men who planned the bombing of the Reichstag. The virus that infected Germany has been unleashed upon the United States. How long do we have left? And what can be done to stop them before they destroy the United States the way they destroyed Germany/


On October 9, 1995 an Amtrak passenger train enroute from Arizona to California derails on a deserted section of track in a protected wilderness area. One killed, 77 injured. Copies of the typed letter above were found scattered near the wreckage.